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Do you feel stuck?  Do you feel like there's more...but you just need help getting to that "more".  So far you've taken that 'random road' and it's not working... but you don't know how to get off that road.

You need a strategy.

You need a game-plan.

You need a blueprint.

And that's what we offer.  I've been where you are now, and I can confidently say that there IS a way and you can gain clarity in just 21 Days!

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Nikki Chaplin

Author, Personal Development Coach 

Nikki Chaplin is an author and Personal Development Coach. Through her workshops and personal coaching, she helps fiercely ambitious women to design their ideal life, providing mentorship and support to help them maximize their highest potential.

After many years of a successful C-level corporate career in finance, she has found her next calling and has now set out to help her tribe in finding theirs through her corporate leadership workshops and personal coaching. 

She’s inspired by the belief that when we pursue audacious goals, yes, even impossible goals, we not only set ourselves free from all types of suffering, but we also set the world on a much higher, more inspired path. Her personal motto is, “reach for the improbable.”

Nikki works with clients through private coaching, mastermind groups, and online courses. 

Nikki is author of Dare to Live Your Dreams, foreword written by renowned motivational speaker and coach, Les Brown. 

She holds a B.A. degree in Economics and an M.B.A. She lives in Miami, Florida. In her downtime, she enjoys tennis, cooking and travel.











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What others are saying:


Nikki is perhaps one of the most gracious and generous women with whom I’ve had the privilege of knowing. She teaches goal setting with simplicity and practicality.  

Her one-on-one sessions have helped me develop smart goals and identify the right networks to propel my personal ambitions and professional career forward. 

Her accountability sessions is a proven technique that helps me assess my progress and realign where necessary.

If it were not for Nikki’s guidance, I cannot say that I would be as motivated to aim for my highest potential as I am today. To Nikki, With Gratitude

~ B King

I had reached a point in my career where I thought I knew what to do to fix what wasn’t working, but it was clear that what I was doing was not working.  I needed help, and fast. 

Life doesn’t stand still but my career was standing still.  With Nikki’s coaching I was able to turn things around quickly and straighten the things that weren’t working.

My vision has undergone some tweaks for the better and I now feel my career is on firmer grounds. Besides the fear that seemed to have paralyzed me is long gone and my choice are more in line with y ideal life.  Thank you Nikki! 

~Maggie G

Sometimes you just have to admit to yourself that going it alone is not the best way. You need someone who you can trust to pull the deeper truths out of you, with no judgements, no criticism. 

Yes, finding my truth was a hard thing to do, but it ultimately led me back to my real self. The self I kept hidden because I was afraid to live in my real strength.  When I met Nikki and started her coaching all that changed.  

With her help I’ve been able to reclaim the real me, the one I seems to have suppressed for way too long.  Today, I’m living my joy and creating a body of work I’m proud to call my own. 

~Lyn W

Think Like Deborah


Think Like Deborah is an inspirational book designed to reshape the reader’s mindset, ignite change, fuel progress and improve his/her overall quality of life. 

  • Whether the reader is at a crossroad in life, confused, indecisive, unhappy with your current professional or personal life, fear the unknown or simply don’t quite know how to advance to the next level, this book can be used as your personal coach. 
  • The book will help guide the reader to live a braver, bolder version of their innate selves leading to more self-fulfillment and a greater sense of purpose.

The book is based on the life of the biblical prophetess Deborah, as portrayed in the Book of Judges. In the book, author Nikki Chaplin poignantly examines and parallels her own life to that of Deborah, a fearless prophet and judge with a servant’s heart. 

  • The book showcases Deborah’s character and brave spirit, and details how we might use these tools to gain success in today’s setting to soar with audacity, in spite of seeming insurmountable challenges.
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