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The Power of Intentions: 10 Reasons Why you Benefit More from Setting Intentions than Goals

Mar 18, 2023

Are you tired of setting goals and feeling like a failure when you don't achieve them? It's time to shift your mindset from goal-oriented to intention-oriented. Intentions are a powerful tool that can help you achieve your dreams in a more meaningful way. Here are 10 reasons why intentions work better than goals:

1.Intentions (long-term ones) are more sustainable: Goals can be exhausting and often lead to burnout. Intentions, however, are more sustainable because they focus on the journey rather than just the destination. This approach can help you tweak what’s not working while keeping your commitment to your dreams.

2. Intentions keep you focused should present moment stuff go awry. Being present and aware of the moment you are in right now as you remain connected to your dream. This mindfulness approach allows you to be fully engaged in the task at hand, which can lead to better outcomes.

3. Intentions align with your values: Goals may be based on external factors like...

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